License Rationalisation

We have the expertise and experience to help you minimize your application license consumption.


License Rationalisation

We Know licensing is complicated, constantly changing and costly.
Let us use our expertise to take the complexity out of this and find you a more cost effective solution.

Understanding License Models

All server environments, SQL, Oracle, VMWare etc have differing license models; some are licensed per-core, some are number of sockets user, some are both.

We simplify this into 3 steps:
1- What are the software licensing rules
2- What are the requirements for expansion, available power and space
3- What are the hardware optimisation rules

OEM Vs Direct Licensing

OEM licenses live and die with the machine assigned, there is no way of moving these to another machines. This is a costly model.


Direct licensing which allows more flexibility, strong ROI and better support

Cost Effective Use of Licenses

Every business has to expand their estate/software at some point.
We are able to reduce costs by maximising the licenses and ensure you get more for your money.

Case Study

Licenses are expensive and once you have made your initial purchase you usually don't need to buy more. Usually as an estate grows and more users are added the application license exposure grows in line, however this doesn't always need to be the case. Below is an example of how it is done, versus how it should be done.

Example of where trying to get the best price for a product will not get you the best price.


Customer needs to buy another 15x VMware vSphere Enterprise Licences for their estate


They had already been quoted ~£60K from their existing supplier base but were looking for the best possible price.

Need behind the need:

Their VMware estate consisted of 10x DL360p Gen8 servers, 12-Cores, 192GB RAM

  • Total cluster performance = 3750 SPEC-CPU, 1.9TB RAM

They had just purchased another business and were adding the 15x additional servers quired into the cluster to cope with the extra demand, additional servers were of a similar age and specification.

  • Total with additional 15x machines = 8770 SPEC-CPU, 4.0TB RAM


We didn't supply any licenses, instead we supplied 6x new HPE ProLiant DL360 G10 servers

  • DL360 G10, 32-Cores, 768GB RAM
  • Total cluster performance = 9060 SPEC-CPU, 4.6TB RAM


Our best advice we can give you is:

  • Don't buy licenses
  • Don't run old hardware
  • Talk to Hardware first